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Tarikh: Isnin, 07 September 2009 @ 19:54:47
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What a wonderful night in my kampong. Such a long time I didn't feel it whole-heartedly. Hehe.. This is a nice part of being in my kampong, I feel so calm and peaceful (not within internet service..hehe).

A busy life at campus prevented me to be who I was before. My life was full of amusements since I was a kid. Sometimes I even forgot what this life was for.. Maybe it was too disgraceful for not knowing the purpose of life. 20 years passed by..

I was fortunate to know mine early. But how about others? 20 years was over and they didn't really tell what they were doing for? 40 years were behind them and they were still confused what they were looking for? Oh, what a shame huh?

Being happy all times should make us ponder... Ponder a thing that many forget. It's such a basic thing only.

When talking about the purpose of life, slowly I remember about a time in May 2006, I was at my matrix to facilitate new students there. It was fun. I gained a lot of precious experiences especially in dealing with nonmuslim students.

I was assigned to be a member of Kerohanian committee. I was working with 6 muslimin and 8 muslimat. Actually, the task had been taken easy by many other facilitators, not much work to do but, I guessed they were wrong in judging it. The task was too difficult when it came to kuliah moral section and... the SPEAKER did not come!!

I was flustered. I had to to replace the absent speaker. I did not know what I was supposed to talk to nonmuslims because I NEVER in my life, gave a moral lecture. It absolutely tested my ability to talk to them.

I had some experience giving lectures to my muslim friends but I thought it never helped me to face nonmuslims (I guessed). As if I could talk about "Sincerity in Ibadah" or "Allah's Rights".. huhu, who were among them to listen to that? Haha..

I wish I could talk about a thing which was full of moral lessons (not forgotten lessons) taught by our Islam, so that I could at least be a daie at that time. But sadly even an idea did not come out from my mind. Oh God, it was too critical..

At last, I remembered an article from Ustaz Hasrizal, Jiwa Daie Otak Fiqh. I couldn't believe it was so helpful at that time. I fully used ideas from that article to give a lecture to them, plus with my own brainstorming.

Firstly, as the introduction, I asked them about the PURPOSE OF THEIR LIFE. Five of them stood up and confidently answered my question. I forgot about their names (sorry..). Three of them gave THREE purposes of life, meanwhile two of them provided TWO reasons. The most popular purpose said by them was TO GET 4.00 in THEIR EXAMS.

I already understood the way they thought. They didn't have foresight and always looked for their future in a small scope where they were now. It was too bad actually..

I began to test knowledge of them..

"Actually I am not asking for your purpose to be here but in life. When you go working outside, the purpose is gonna be still the same? No way, workers out there do not need that."

They all five just nodded, certified me.. I continued..

"One more thing, why do you all have too many purposes? If you saw a game of football with many goalposts, what would you think? Silly huh? Playing golf with many holes around? What a foolish act huh?

You must be laughing at them. But now, in this game of life which is much more important for us, you do have many goalposts and holes. If I laughed at you now, don't get angry with me because you play a silly game.."

They were being bemused by my words.. Haha, it should be. Maybe what I was saying made them think deeply. ya, it took time to get their response. Some made weird face, some mooned around, and also felt sleepy: giving up to treat their thoughts.

Suddenly, the lecture hall which was full of drowsy people since it was held in early morning, was getting hot when one of the Chinese students stood up and wished to clear their own bafflement.

"My purpose of life is to be a millionaire! To be the richest!!"

I did not dumbfound at the vigorous answer from that boy.
He was Chinese after all and surely he wanted to be rich! Yeah, it was a common desire among Chinese main. But what Islam taught? Remember one thing, the lessons of Islam are not only for Muslims, they are for all mankind either you are a Christian or Buddhist or Hinduist.
Surely to become rich is not the purpose of life from what we have learnt from Islam.

And I really would like to arrest their attention about the true purpose of life, the only one for all humans, from what Islam taught..

"You said just now the purpose of your life is to be rich or the richest, but let me ask you something, how about you get rich when you are only 30 or be the richest at age 40? How about life after that? No more purpose? Hovering between life and death huh?

If you are given 60 years to live, last 20 years, what is your purpose? Committing suicide like The Lotus Eater? Or you want a new purpose for your life? It cannot be, because you have two purposes already!"

The hall was getting noisy, they discussed with each other. Oh my God, I could not believe, I got them to think finally.. haha.

"Why we cannot have two or three purposes? If we were a footballer, to score a goal, we should be match fit, we must have energy and tactics. So they have many purposes already! To have a good tactic, to be fit and to score a goal! It is more than one now! It is not offensive if I wanted to be rich and after that I want to donate my money to charity!" asked a Chinese girl with full of spirit to overcome my arguments.

I sat brooding over the girl's argument.

"Thanks for your response, I am glad to get you to think what I said. Actually, do you know the differences between principle and purpose of life? If you think that getting fit, having enough energy and a good tactic are purposes, I think you are wrong. As a footballer, your purpose in the field is only to get goals. On the way to score a goal, you have to discipline yourself to get fit, to get enough energy through some training. And that self-discipline is what we call PRINCIPLES. Don't worry, it can be more than one, not like the purpose one. The principles of our life will guide us to achieve the purpose of life. Without them, there would be impossible for us to get what we want. So, to be rich or richest is not the purpose, but only one of our principles. Understand?

About donating to charity, is that the true purpose of your life? Dare you donate all your money and get poor? I think it is not what you think huh?"

The argument of the girl was easily disposed of.. haha. She scratched her head in a weird act. I smiled happily..

At last minute of the session, I said that I would tell them what was the real PURPOSE OF LIFE on the last day of Orientation Week.

For a week, the nonmuslim students kept wondering what was the purpose of their life. What I wanted to achieve from the first kuliah was too far good for me. I made them think, I made them to know the lies of their life.

What have got me more interested, there was a Christian Chinese girl who came to me personally, asking me, whether entering heaven was the purpose of life or not. I could not tell her that time but I would..

The waited day came, but sadly, there was no electricity all over matrix. So, I could not meet them as usual. It was too unfortunate for me because I was already prepared with my answer. The meeting was cancelled and I could not meet them after that since it was the last day of Orientation..

I felt missing them too..

One of facilitators told me that some Chinese asked her where was Abang Matlamat. Haha.. I smiled with shining face. It was fantastically effective! But I was a little bit sad because I could not tell them the answer for my question.

After all, I wish they would find out the answer by their own will.. InsyaALlah.

p/s: What is the real purpose of life huh? Hehe..

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