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.....dan janganlah kamu berputus asa daripada rahmat Allah. Sesungguhnya tiada berputus asa daripada rahmat Allah melainkan kaum yang kafir.
-- Yusuf: 12

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 Posted on Sabtu, 04 Ogos 2007 @ 21:54:05oleh istisafa
Umum bintul_farhanah menulis What do you see when you look at me?
Do you see someone limited or someone free?
All people can do is just look and stare
Simply because they can�t see my hair

Others think I�m controlled and uneducated
They think I�m limited and unliberated
They are so thankful that they are not me
Because they would like to remain �free�

Well, free isn�t exactly word I would�ve used
Describing women who are cheated on and abused
They think that I don�t have opinions or voice
They think that being hooded is not my choice
They think that the hood makes me feel caged

That my husband or dad is totally outraged
All they can do is look at me in fear
And my eye there is a tear
Not because I�ve been stared or made fun of
But because people are ignoring the One up above

On the Day of Judgment they�ll be the fools
Because they are too ashamed to play by their own rules.

Maybe the guys won�t think I�m a cutie
But at least I�m filled with more inner beauty
See, I�ve declined from being a guy�s toy
Because I won�t let myself controlled by a boy

Real men are able to appreciate my mind
And aren�t busy looking at my behind
Hooded girls are the one who really helping the Muslims cause
The role that we play definitely deserve applause

I�ll be recognize because I�m smart and bright
And some people are inspired by my sight
The smart ones are inspired by my tranquility
In the back of their mind they wish they were me

We have the strength to do what we think is right
Even if it means putting a life long fight

You see we are not controlled by a mini skirt or a tight skirt
We are given only respect and never treated like dirt
So you see we are the ones that are free and liberated
We are not the ones who are sexually terrorized and violated

We are the ones that are free and pure
We are free of SSD�s that has no cure
So when people ask you how you feel about the hood
Just say it up by saying, �baby, it�s all good�




"Hijab" | Login/Mendaftar | 3 Komens
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Re: Hijab
oleh srikandi_khaulah pada Selasa, 14 Ogos 2007 @ 16:34:58
(Info AHLI)

nice poems....where did u get it?
is it a song's lyric?
tell me tell me...
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Re: Hijab
oleh bintul_farhanah ([email protected]) pada Isnin, 17 September 2007 @ 3:16:08
(Info AHLI)
saya dapat dr kawan saya..poems rasanya..~heh..

Re: Hijab
oleh hasantembaga pada Rabu, 03 Oktober 2007 @ 10:38:37
(Info AHLI)
Yup...its a nice one...luahan hati ek...

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