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Apa yang dilihat, dimakan, didengar akan jadi sebahagian daripada diri kita
-- Imam Al-Ghazali

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Islam in Cyberia
 Posted on Khamis, 19 Ogos 2004 @ 9:35:15oleh Engku_Salina
Umum Sumaiyah_o9 menulis The computer, as we have come to realize, has become an extension of our central nervous system. Software substitutes most hardware, and we now live in a world where the dividing line between virtual reality and physical reality is fast disappearing.

The Internet spans the globe in all languages and cultures, bringing spatially distant individuals virtually close together. Millions are now online. Almost everyone in the developed countries is wired and connected, and the rest of the world is expected to reach the same level of information-rich existence: Virtual reality is slowly supplanting the real reality.


Virtual reality is slowly supplanting the real reality.


And the digital gurus now feel that we need much more than the present cyberspace, so they are planning Internet-2. Once this is realized, you will be able to check your e-mails over a high-speed Internet connection while waiting for the bus, or chat with your friends using high-definition television. You will even be able to inject a chip the size of a grain of rice under your skin, that will help others track you wherever you are, check your credit card details, and so on and so forth. Ibid.




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